MSIE->NAFfileJPU Sep 10 2003 05:39AM
Liu Die Yu (liudieyuinchina yahoo com cn)



Browser Ver


MS Internet Explorer: 6.0.2600.0000.xpclnt_qfe.021108-2107;

Encryption: 128-bit;

Patch:; Q810847;


(So, it's far from fully patched.)

OS Ver: "Windows XP Cn ver"





---> NAFfileJPU section

---> NAFfileJPU-MyPage file


try this Url in your browser:


yeah. "file" protocol is a good thing for bypassing

URL-based security check.

one vulnerable function is

"window.external.NavigateAndFind" method.

you should have already known this:

top window and its iframe/frame share the same

"external" object.

so, BadSon method to conquer the "external" object.


how to get "file:javascript:" trick?

think about "mhtml:http:" for a while and i believed

there would be more.


the Pull, dror, guninski, sandblad and "Friedrich L.Bauer".

of course, mom and dad.

best wishes


from http://Umbrella.MX.TC on http://SafeCenter.NET

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