Re: TrackMania Demo Denial of Service Feb 09 2004 10:06PM
Luigi Auriemma (aluigi altervista org)
> TrackMania Demo Denial of Service
> The original document can be found at
> http://www.securiteinfo.com/attaques/hacking/trackmaniados.shtml

Also Virtual Skipper 3 is vulnerable so the problem is in the game engine
developed by Nadeo (http://www.nadeo.com)

> The multiplayer game use TCP port 2350 to communicate. If you send some
> garbage to this port, it will shutdown the game server.

Not exactly garbage data but too long values, in fact the game uses 32bit
numbers to specify the size of the data that follows so this seems the cause
of the server crash.
Another simple test is the modification of the 32bit values in the UDP query
packets used to define the length of some strings.

> The multiplayer demo of this game
> is subject to denial of service.

Due the type of bug probably also the retail version is vulnerable.
Who bet?


Luigi Auriemma

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