After Ms patches last Wed ... Apr 16 2004 07:55AM
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Re: After Ms patches last Wed ... Apr 16 2004 07:11PM
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I had a different issue after Wednesdays updates. Two win2k computers in
my office were rendered useless after the patch. They were fine before,
but as soon as the patch finished and the PC was rebooted, the CPU usage
was 100% and nothing could be done. I left both PC's sitting for about 20
minutes and the 100% CPU usage never came down. Another coworker said he
had the same issue with his home PC and he was eventually able to get into
the task manager and noticed that the system process was taking up 99-100%
of the CPU.

Anyone else experience this issue?


On Fri, 16 Apr 2004 aborg (at) mca.org (dot) mt [email concealed] wrote:

> Hi ..
> Is anyone else having time problems on their networks?
> Yesterday (Thu) I had approx 50% of my users unable to login because "the
> time on the client and server are different" and I could not figure out a
> way to solve it. Some people managed to login but could not get access to
> shared resources; others could not login at all. I tried syncing the time
> but that didn't work and several other things I tried didn't seem to work.
> Having said that, I managed to get them operational after lots of cursing
> but I can't say what it was that I did that solved it. I thought about the
> new patches from MS and read all there is about them to see if they affect
> logins/Kerberos/time service but it doesn't seem to be the case.
> This morning, I found a MS white paper
> (http://www.microsoft.com/windows2000/docs/_Toc528382509) which explains
> how an "Access is denied" message can appear if RPC fails to authenticate
> and I started thinking about those patches again. Can anyone help shed
> some light on this? I fail to believe that I'm the only one on the planet
> who got negatively affected by these patches, so either I'm the first to
> mention it or I'm the only one with a skewed set of network settings!
> Thanks
> Antoine Borg
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> "There is something about inevitability that offends human nature. Man is
> a creature of hope and invention, both of which belie the idea that things
> cannot be changed. But man is also a creature prone to error, and sometimes
> that makes inevitable the things that he so often seeks to avoid."

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