Vulnerability: McGallery v 1.1 Mysql DB including Jun 15 2005 01:58PM
D_BuG (d_bug bk ru)
Vendor: Phpforum, http://www.phpforums.net/
Product: McGallery v 1.1

Vulnerability: mysql including
Consequences: Web server paths
Risk: Low

Description: Unfiltered $host variable. Allows attacker to connect to fake DB and make select from it.
Warning: mysql_connect(): Unknown MySQL Server Host 'attackhost' (11001)
in x:\home\test1.ru\www\mcgallery\show.php on line 9

Discoveried By D_BuG d_bug (at) bk (dot) ru [email concealed]

CheckZond free v. 1.0 http://nemesisoftware.com/products.htm
uses the vulnerabilities above for automatic vulnerabilities search (Google Hacking technique) and usage.

Best regards,
D_BuG mailto:d_bug (at) bk (dot) ru [email concealed]

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