Re: Getting round website authentication with Firefox Jul 27 2005 07:27PM
Shalom Carmel (shalom venera com)
Actually, this is a "feature" of most if not all browsers, that have no way
to logout of URLs protected
by HTTP basic authentication.

Try to completely close all browser instances between the two attempts and
you will discover that
firefox asks for a login in all cases.

Shalom Carmel
www.venera.com - Exposing iSeries insecurity

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>Using firefox's "save target as" feature, you can get round web
>Make a password protected directory (with a video file inside) (using
.htaccess and htpasswd),
>check that it actully requires a login when you click the link to the video
>then create a hyperlink to the file, right click save as - oh snap, it
doesn't ask for authentication.
>I've only tested it with a video file and Firefox 1.0.6.

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