Call for new mailing lists @ SecurityFocus Aug 31 2005 03:46PM
Alfred Huger (ah securityfocus com)


As most of you know, some of the strongest value the SecurityFocus
community has to offer is that of our mailing lists. These lists
contribute a vast amount of information and dialogue to the community at
large but they are generally held within a finite amount of lists, which
changes little (in terms of # of lists) over time. Given this is the case
we, every few years, make a call for new mailing lists from the community.

I would like to invite you to send me your thoughts (direct off-list) on
which new mailing lists we should start here. Based off the feedback we
receive I believe we will launch a number of new lists in the late
September timeframe. I also urge you to consider becoming a moderator for
the list(s) you suggest because as a community we are only viable if we
all make an effort to participate..


Alfred Huger
Symantec Corp.
Sr. Director, Engineering
Response & Global Managed Security Services

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