vbulletin security Alert May 06 2006 05:19AM
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#Discovered by: Aura


#Gr33t to: O.U.T.L.A.W & R@1D3N & Smok3r


» Vendor: Vbulletin

» Summary:

vbulletin is a powerfull Forum System


An administrator user may upload CSS Code that's obteining a phpshell ,and chose it from the vbulletin's style choser. So when he chose it he will see the phpshell.

Here is an example of the css file


in this file the xml obtein a phpshell so the user have to upload the xml file and then chose his style and that's it .

Note : don't forget to chose ignore style version ( :P ) and also that you'll maybe think about this isn't a bug actualy u can make your access to the server with stealling the administrator password

Discovered By Aria-Security Team (Aura - Outlaw - Rayden)

» Solution

No Solution . ( maybe by password protection from you cpanel)

contact: Advisory (at) Aria-Security (dot) net [email concealed]

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