OpenSER OSP Module remote code execution Dec 28 2006 12:22PM
sapheal hack pl
Synopsis: OpenSER OSP Module remote code execution

Product: OpenSER

Version: <=1.1.0



A critical security vulnerability has been found in OpenSER Open

Settlement Protocol (OSP) module. OSP is an ETSI defined standard

for Inter-Domain VoIP pricing,authorization and usage exchange.



int validateospheader (struct sip_msg* msg, char* ignore1, char* ignore2)

This following fuction suffers from buffer overflow vulnerability, which

leads to memory corruption conditions. Due to memory corruption conditions

remote code execution is possible.

Affected Versions


OpenSER <= 1.1.0



Proper boundary checking.



Exploitation might be conducted by preparing a specially crafted

OSP header.

Kind regards,

Micha³ Buæko - sapheal

Senior Security Specialist


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