Re: PHPKit 1.6.1 RC2 (faq/faq.php) Remote SQL Injection Exploit Jan 09 2007 03:45AM
yorn everymail net
Pretty much the same, but for completeness... ;-)

QL Injection in PHPkit 1.6.1 R2

Discovered on 09.01.2007 by yorn.


PHPkit is a php/sql based portal software.


SQL Injection:
There are multiple SQL injections in PHPkit. Just check bugtraq.
I think that this is a "new" one, so here we go:

The "Gästebuch" is prone to a sql injection vulnerablility
in comment.php. It is possible to gain access to the admin
password hash:


Vendor Status:
Vendor has been informed on the date of discovery. Not patched yet.

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