Re: [BLACKLIST] [Full-disclosure] Solaris telnet vulnberability - how many on yournetwork? Feb 12 2007 12:52PM
Thierry Zoller (Thierry Zoller lu)
Dear List,

GE> telnet -l "-froot" [hostname]
GE> "but this bug isnt -froot, its -fanythingbutroot =P"

Should we really consider this a BUG ? With all due respect, this
reads, smells and probably tastes like a backdoor, and obvious one
granted but still, to my believe this raises the question are there
more of them ? I think the guys behind solairs should investigate and
post the result of their enquiry publicaly (to the vuln. post would be a
good idea) if they still want poeple to trust.

Thierry Zoller
Fingerprint : 5D84 BFDC CD36 A951 2C45 2E57 28B3 75DD 0AC6 F1C7

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