Re: NOD32 Antivirus Long Path Name Stack Overflow Vulnerabilities May 23 2007 12:11AM
v9 fakehalo us
> Although the vulnerabilities are hard to exploit, > it's not impossible.
> There are some restrictions to bypass:
> - The path name is formated in Unicode, so we have to find an opcode in an address with an unicode format
> - The shellcode has to be in the path name so we have to use an Alphanumeric shellcode

What's to stop someone from encoding the path(shellcode) in unicode(using both bytes of unicode/no null bytes)? Also, is there a special situation why it has to be strictly alphanumeric? Because, in general this is not the case.

I've worked with these guidelines myself in the past(, and I see no specific issue with doing similar for this, unless information to the contrary isn't included.

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