[CVE-2007-5741] Plone: statusmessages and linkintegrity unsafe network data hotfix Nov 06 2007 06:08PM
mj jarn com
A vulnerability in both the statusmessages and linkintegrity modules has been identified, where untrusted network data was treated as a pickle and loaded. This allows an attacker to run arbitrary python code within the Zope/Plone process.

This issue has been assigned CVE-2007-5741

Affected versions


This hotfix applies to Plone 2.5 up to and including 2.5.4, and Plone 3.0 up

to and including 3.0.2.

These fixes will be included in the upcoming 2.5.5 and 3.0.3 releases, at

which point this hotfix can be removed.

Earlier plone releases (versions 2.1.x and below) are not affected.

Plone Hotfix 2007-11-06


A hotfix that addresses this vulnerability can be downloaded at:


The hotfix should be installed as soon as possible. To install, simply extract the archive into your Zope/Plone products directory and restart the server.

Martijn Pieters

The Plone Security Response Team

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