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Anti-vrus auto-replies Jun 27 2003 05:35AM
Jonas Anden (dajudge home se) (2 replies)
Is there anyone other than me that considers all these antivirus
autoreply messages to be more than a nuisance?

When the virus it detects is *known* to fake the sender adress, why send
an alert back to the specified sender? During the last day, after the
outbreak of Sobig.e, we've received hundreds of these messages to our
support mailing lists.

In some ways they are worse than the virus itself; the viruses get
stopped at the gateway; these messages do not and we have to manually
remove them.

A previous strand used support (at) microsoft (dot) com [email concealed] as the sender. I wonder how
many autoreplies they got...?

// J


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Re: Anti-vrus auto-replies Jun 30 2003 03:28PM
Brian Eckman (eckman umn edu)
RE: Anti-vrus auto-replies Jun 29 2003 05:38PM
Rob Rosenberger (junkmail barnowl com)


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