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Consumer Reports AV and their 5,500 new variants Aug 22 2006 03:48AM
Bill Stout (bill stout greenborder com)

Now that consumer reports has generated 5,500 new virus variants, what's
the repercussion? Will anything at all happen to CR, other than they
bump up their magazine sales?

I understand some companies may be interested in contacting CR to get
the test samples. Even Paller at SANs says AV companies should thank

"[Editor's Note (Paller): This controversy is especially problematic for
the leading AV companies because they have traditionally not done well
in finding and blocking new viruses quickly. But for goodness sakes, if
they don't do well at finding and blocking new viruses, why ae we buying
them? They should stop complaining and instead thank Jeff Fox and the
editors at Consumer Reports for helping to do important product
improvement research for them. ]"


Bill Stout
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