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Virus or trojan help Oct 12 2006 06:08AM
genome (jtroxas gmail com)
I am infected with a virus or a trojan that will not allow me to execute and
install any antivirus software or even install any windows updates offline
or online... It simply deletes certain exe files when extracted to the hard
disk.. and the software installation gives an error saying it cannot find
the file...

I tried booting in safemode from xp and extract the files manualy but the
antivirus wont install because its safemode so I boot xp normaly and browse
to the extraction directory only to find right in front of my eyes the exe
being deleted by the unknown virus.. tried different antivirus and they all
wont install... but other software that is not an antivirus will install...
I tried using an online scanner from bitdefender but it did not detect any..
I tried closing all running process in task manager and services running
still no avail..

anyone knows what virus or trojan that acts like this..can anyone please
inform me of its name so I may come to the right way of tracking a


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