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CEH program and Sybex Study Guide Sep 24 2011 07:01PM
Alberto Medina (amedinaj gmail com)
Hi all,
I know maybe in this list you have talk a lot about CEH program, but I want to know what do you really think about this program (CEH)? Is this really useful to start in information security? And what do you think about the Sybex Study Guide, by "Kimberly Grave"?
I do this question because a couple of years ago I took the CompTIA Security+ exam and passed it, but I wanna to continue the preparation in the field of information security and Ethical hacking, and someone recommended me the "Certified Ethical Hacker" certification as a good way to continue the path, so a bought the Sybex Study Guide for the exam, but I don't see a lot of difference between the content of Security+ program and this one, I thought I'd find the CEH deeper in the subject than Security+ program.
In fact, I found this Sybex guide is not very actual, there's not any mention to Windows 7 or even Vista, the tools mentioned are kind of old, in the "cracking password" section they don't talk about rainbow tables, only a littler mention; in the "backdoor" sections she (the author) recommend adding an additional hard disk to the computer and boot from there for protection using the backdoor she mention, or buy a Windows netbook, but it's not better using a VM in for testing?
Anyway, I just want to know what you think about this program? If not, what do you recommend for continue the path to Ethical Hacking and Information Security.

Thank you and best regards,
Alberto Medina

(Excuse my English :) )


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