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Note from the Moderator: So long, farewell, and thanks for all the phish Sep 30 2011 03:07AM
Erin Carroll (amoeba amoebazone com) (1 replies)
Pen-test list readers,

A little over 6 years ago, I took over the reins of the pen-test list
from Al Huger who started it way back in 2000. Six years is a long time
to wade through email submissions (and spam, lots and LOTS of spam) on a
pretty much daily basis to keep up with one of the most active SecFocus
mail lists. With the advent of blogging, tweets, and all the other ways
people get their news and discussions, the daily flood of submissions
has slowed down some but work and life just don't leave me the bandwidth
to dedicate the attention to the list that it deserves. It's time the
list had some new blood at the helm.

Starting tomorrow, David Ahmad will be taking over list moderation.
David is one of the founders of Subgraph and was also one of the
founders of SecurityFocus and long time Bugtraq moderator after Aleph1
(Elias Levy) stepped down so I know I'll be leaving the list in very
capable hands. Anyone who can handle the drama of Bugtraq without losing
their mind has already proven they've got the chops... though his
willingness to take over pen-test makes me wonder about his sanity :)

There may be a slight hiccup in submission moderation as the switchover
gets established so if you get a bounce, please resubmit.

I'll still be lurking on the list but if you want to reach me, feel free
to email: amoeba at or erin.carroll at

Thank you everyone for your contributions and discussions over the
years. It's been a fun ride.


Erin Carroll
EX-Moderator, SecurityFocus penetration-testing list
"Do Not Taunt Happy-Fun Ball"


This list is sponsored by: Information Assurance Certification Review Board

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Re: Note from the Moderator: So long, farewell, and thanks for all the phish Oct 02 2011 07:50AM
Todd Haverkos (infosec haverkos com)


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