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MagicTree 1.0 released Oct 12 2011 01:35PM
Alla Bezroutchko (alla gremwell com)
We are happy to announce that MagicTree version 1.0 is released and
available for download at

MagicTree is a productivity tool for penetration testers. It allows
consolidating data coming from various security tools, query and re-use
the data and generate reports. It's aim is to automate the boring and
the mind-numbing work, so you can spend your time hacking.

Version 1.0 includes a lot of bug fixes and a number of new features,
such as:

* Support for Acunetix data import
* Support for W3AF data import
* Support for OpenVAS 4 XML format
* Importing data from flat text files
* Simplified manual creation of ports
* Copy/paste and drag and drop support for tree nodes, table view data,
queries and tasks
* mt:sort() custom XPath function for sorting data, such as findings, in
TableView and reports
* More sophisticated auto-creation of tree nodes. We now support
netblocks in various formats ( ,,, DNS names, IP
addresses and URLs.
* see Change Log for more

We would like to thank everybody who submitted bug reports, feature
requests or questions for the beta version. You helped a lot! We are
still interested in any feedback. Use out bug tracker at or send us an
email at info [at] gremwell [dot] com

Alla Bezroutchko
Gremwell -


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