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[HITB-Announce] HITB Magazine Issue #7 Oct 19 2011 05:19PM
HITB Magazine (aphesz hackinthebox org)
Hello readers and welcome to issue #7.

It has been a long journey since the first release of the magazine and
we have seen a lot of changes and improvements overtime and still
trying our best to do more.

But as we grow, the amount of work and the time we need to spend
working on the magazine have also increased, thus requiring us to
recruit more people to join our small editorial team. So, if you think
you would like to do something for the community and believe that
we can have a great use of your talent - Feel free to drop us an email!

As for issue #7, Jonathan Kent wrote a great piece of article about the
current global crisis in the cyberspace while Aditya K. Sood and his
team on the other hand wrote about extending SQL injection attacks
through buffer overflow exploitation. We are also very happy to have
Jonathan Brossard contributing an article introducing the readers
to his newly released exploitation framework. We will leave you to
explore the rest of the articles and we hope you enjoy them.

Have fun reading this issue and more to come in issue #8!!

Zarul Shahrin Suhaimi
Hack in The Box Magazine


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