Penetration Testing Dec 01 2013 08:08AM
Rob Fuller (jd mubix gmail com)
Micah and I are merging the Post Exploitation Wiki with a few other
projects to include the following:

+ Kali Linux Documentation Project
+ WebApp Defaults Project
+ Q (Metasploit Repo)
+ (And of course the PwnWiki which has all the content of the Post
Exploitation Command Lists and wiki)

Into one central place for information all under the "PwnWiki Team"
banner instead of just /mubix/. We would love to have some more help.
If you are interested in any way, for any of the projects please let
us know.

+ Google Group for PwnWiki Team Discussions:!forum/pwnwiki!
+ Forwarded Email Address: team (at) pwnwiki (dot) io [email concealed] (hits the entire team)
+ Main Wiki:
+ Github:
+ PwnWiki Blog: (this is just an evernote
powered blog of the content the team finds across the Internet. Some
to be converted into content, some just for posterity Think of it like
my #SharedLinks)

We are also open to other project under the same banner.

What kind of help we are looking for:
+ The Kali Linux Project to document each of the tools in the default
menu. Basically running the tool and documenting the options and
possibly the best examples of usage.
+ Web App Defaults Project to convert the list I (mubix) have into a
re-usable format (json or xml whatever) and a readable format.
+ Q to go through the modules, sort, test and document what they are.
+ PwnWiki to help get the crazy amounts of content into a the wiki and
made into a useful format
+ PwnWiki to be added to the Evernote notebook and add offensive
technical blog posts that are found across the net.
+ PwnWiki to rearrange and document the binaries in the Post
Exploitaiton binary repo
+ Overall help with suggestions, and responding to the community.

Rob Fuller | Mubix
Certified Checkbox Unchecker |


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