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Internship with the National CCDC Red Team Jan 23 2014 04:12AM
Rob Fuller (jd mubix gmail com)
This year's National CCDC is mixing it up a bit and leaving one spot
on the Red Team for an "intern". If you don't what CCDC is, it's the
"Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition". Basically school at the state,
regional, and national levels complete in a contest where they are
dropped into a corporate network at the opening bell, and not only
have to run this network, keep the users, and CEO happy, but defend
against a red team at every turn.

More about CCDC here:

Apply here for the "Internship" :

Prior participation in CCDC is a plus but not required (#3)

Nationals will be held April 25th - 27th in San Antonio, TX

Rob Fuller | Mubix
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