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As you indicated " Although we're small, We're an organization playing with ($,¥,�,£) exchanges" you are on client side rather than on server. If that is right, you do not need to bother with DDoS protection, which is against server side.


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Thanks for your replies.

Noted the points raised by Jacint and Kelly Keeton. I appreciate that.

May I be kind to seek an opinion/ arguments suggesting if the In-house appliances are more "intelligent" thwarting the application level DOS/ DDoS attacks as compared to ISP provided DOS protection wherein it may even fail to detect them. or if there are other benefits owning an In-house product?

As far as Cons are concerned, I feel that the appliance may add some latency which may create issues wherein a latency of milliseconds count.

Although we're small, We're an organization playing with ($,¥,�,£) exchanges and heavily regulated by the Government.




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