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FBController - (Facebook Control Utility) version 4.0 { With 0-DAY Features } Mar 15 2012 07:07AM
QUAKER DOOMER (quakerdoomer inbox lv) (1 replies)
FBConTroller v4.0 - (Facebook Control Utility) version 4.0 - With 0-DAY Features

After an exile of almost 2 years and 3 months, FBController is back !
FBController - The Ultimate Utility to Control Facebook accounts without the Password is
now version 4.0

Let me clear this again like every time that this utility WON'T hack/crack Facebook
accounts. The utility will need biscuits/cookies instead of the password. If you have your
target's Facebook Cookie, you can use FBController and perform magical tricks with it
which aren't possible with just a web-browser !

Changes in version 4.0
Loads of internal changes (Messaging, Profile, Friends Listing, almost everything) to align
with the recent Facebook UI changes.
Cookie structural changes according to Facebook's requirements.
This version is almost like a complete re-write of all the modules present.
0-Day Features
- Poke strangers who aren't in your Friends List.
- Uncover deactivated and hidden Facebook User accounts.
- Poke unpokable serious friends.
- Downgrade the Security Levels of Targets [ FBController v4 can downgrade a SSL
browsable account to plain-text ].
- Stealth Chat with people in Offline mode [ Completely without being seen Online ].

Besides the above 0-Day Features, all other features from the previous release are
available as well.
These include : Sending and Receiving Messages, Live Chat, Writing on owner's and
others walls, poking, retrieving main profile page, Inbox messages and much more.

Obtaining FBController: http://www.c-4.in/fbcontroller
Alternate Location: http://solidmecca.co.nr [ Under Left Side of the Page/Tools ]
Screenshots and Blog: http://my.opera.com/quakerdoomer/blog/2012/03/15/facebook-


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