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New tool HTTP Traceroute Nov 03 2014 08:34AM
Robin Wood (robin digininja org) (2 replies)
Re: New tool HTTP Traceroute Nov 04 2014 02:35PM
Robin Wood (robin digininja org)
Just updated this, added dumping of basic SSL/TLS certificate
information, the ability to set your own user agent string and fixed a
couple of bugs.


On 3 November 2014 08:34, Robin Wood <robin (at) digininja (dot) org [email concealed]> wrote:
> I've just released a new tool, HTTP Traceroute. This tool takes a URL
> and follows any redirects from it till it reaches the end of the line.
> At each stage it it shows all headers, cookies, warns about long
> bodies and bad SSL certificates.
> Hopefully it will be useful when you get large redirect chains where
> you need to gather information from every step along the way. Cookies
> collected can be saved to a file, modified then replayed on a second
> run through.
> You can get it from here:
> http://digi.ninja/projects/http_traceroute.php
> Any problems or questions let me know.
> Robin

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Re: New tool HTTP Traceroute Nov 03 2014 07:06PM
Jeremiah Cornelius (jeremiah nur net)


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