Release of Rootkit Hunter 1.0.0 Mar 21 2004 04:36PM
M. Boelen (michael computerpech nl)

After three RC's (release candidates), a lot of bug hunting and a lot of
'Big thanks'
I'm proud to present you a new release of Rootkit Hunter. This release
incorporates extra support for a operating systems like AIX, improved
support for rootkits, new 3rd party support, extra program parameters,
logging support and code cleanups.

Of course I want to thank all of you who tested previous releases, send
or helped me by giving extra (code) tips to improve this release!

Project page:

Download location:

Project description:
Scanner for detection of known and unknown rootkits, backdoors and
sniffers. See features below for more information.

System requirements: UNIX (clone), BASH shell, Perl (optional)
Audience: System administrators, IT security experts

Extended information:
Some features:
- 'Known good' hash compare
- Default file location scan
- Hidden files scan
- OpenSSH configuration check
- Colored layout
- Support for cronjobs

Rootkit Hunter has been tested (and/or confirmed to work) on Red Hat
(normal and Advanced Server), Slackware, Fedora, SuSE, Gentoo,
Debian, Mandrake, FreeBSD (4.x and 5.x), AIX, OpenBSD and others.

Support for NetBSD and Solaris is in development stage.

Known issues:
- Not all Fedora core 1 hashes are updated (but will be happen soon)
- manpage not yet available (although it's already finished)
- Installation uses preconfigured (static) file paths


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