[Research Paper] DNS Cache Snooping Apr 22 2004 04:26PM
Luis Grangeia (luis grangeia sidestep pt)

I have written a research paper on a relatively ignored DNS issue known
as DNS Cache Snooping. This issue allows one, for instance, to query a
DNS cache to verify if a certain site has been accessed or if an email
was recently sent to a given domain.

Abstract and link below. Reader feedback and constructive criticism is
welcome and appreciated.

Available at


This research paper presents a technical overview of the technique known
as DNS cache snooping. Firstly, a brief introduction to DNS is made
followed by a discussion on common misconceptions regarding DNS
sub-systems. Then this relatively unknown technique is introduced,
followed by a field study to assert the overall exposure of the Internet
to this threat. Also, a set of devised abuse scenarios that rely on
cache snooping is presented. This paper concludes with recommendations
on how to reduce exposure to this problem, including proposed changes to
the BIND DNS server implementation.


Luis Grangeia, GSNA

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