Spammers @ Jun 23 2004 03:11PM
Alfred Huger (ah securityfocus com)

Hello all,

I've had several people recently (well about 20 or so today actually)
complain about getting spam from, particularly security
related spam. The concern presented to me is that these people have
harvested names from public security mailing lists such as those on
SecurityFocus and elsewhere. Presumably the goal here is to use the spam
to lure readers to their new site.

I myself have received their unsolicited mail at three different accounts.
The only places I have ever posted with these accounts is to SecurityFocus
so I assume everyones suspicions to be correct. I would suggest to all the
readers here that you drop all mail coming in from

It's really quite surprising that a security website would display such
stark stupidity as to spam people in order to build community. Nothing
endears me to a new site like knowing the owners are clearly bottom
feeders with little or no common sense... Whomever is running that site,
and you're likely reading this, you should hang your head in shame.


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