[logs] Database Logging (some info) Sep 30 2007 09:38PM
Daniel Cid (dcid ossec net)
Hi list,

We had some great discussions in the past about database logging, and
we all know the importance of it, but it seems to be a gap regarding
this topic (hard to find documents about it, very few people actually
do it, etc).

Is there any public information about it? Anyone has real numbers (not
guesses) on the performance impact of enabling full query logging on
different databases? I tried a few quick performance tests with MySQL, but
couldn't get any definitive numbers yet. Anyone interested in doing a
joint work
to really test it on multiple databases?

I also created in the ossec wiki a section with information on how to
do logging on PostgreSQL and MySQL. and posted some log samples from


Anyone can feel free to contribute with it (information from other
databases are also welcome).


Daniel B. Cid
dcid ( at ) ossec.net
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