[logs] UDP/TCP load balancer recommendations Nov 20 2007 02:01AM
Steve Bernacki (loganalysis f copacetic net)
My organization is about to embark on a project to fortify our log
capture and analysis infrastructure. One item that I've identified as
being necessary is a load balancer to spread the incoming message stream
(primarily syslog/udp) across our back-end syslog-ng receivers. In the
past we have utilized Ultramonkey <http://www.ultramonkey.org/> to
perform these sorts of tasks, but I'm interested in exploring other
options both for performance and cost reasons.

What load balancers have you had a lot of luck with for this sort of
task, and are there any out there that "specialize" in handling syslog

I'd appreciate this list's input.


Steve Bernacki, Jr
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