[logs] Administrivia: spam reduction measures Nov 22 2007 07:51AM
Tina Bird (tbird precision-guesswork com)

Hi all -- Before I migrated the list to its new server, I used the "must be
a member to post" requirement to keep the amount of spam at a minimum. Since
the move in February, we've had that *disabled*, to help people who didn't
realize that the hosting server had changed, as well as to be sure we had
all the kinks on our end worked out.

We are now running smoothly, and the amount of spam in the moderation queue
is steadily growing. So the time has come to enforce the membership
requirement for posting.

Because of the U.S. holiday this week, I will be turning on the membership
requirement on Monday, 26 November, probably late in the day (I'm in U.S.
Pacific time zone). If you currently post from an address other than your
subscribed e-mail address, you will need to change your subscription, or
your message will automatically be bounced.

thanks very much - tbird
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