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Mark Bagley (mbagley splunk com)
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Ron Gula (rgula tenablesecurity com)
James B Horwath wrote:
> Does any have any tool recommendations for configuration management tools
> for log adherence. This tool would audit configuration settings of a file
> checking for adherence to a standard. Tripwire will not work because I
> need to check variable settings which may be different from host to host.
> Group Policy should work on windows but what about routers, switches,
> Unices, etc. Any suggestions?
> Please advise,
> Jim

Nessus can do this when subscribed to the Direct Feed ($1200/year) or
managed by the Security Center. There are a wide variety of policies
available to make sure logging is enabled for many different OSes and
applications. You can also create very fine-grained "setting checkers".
Many of the policies have been certified by CIS as well.

You can see a demo video (does NOT require registration) here:
http://www.nessus.org/demos/ (click on the "CIS Audit")

There are also a bunch of blog entries along these lines here:

Nessus does not do this for routers and switches (yet). However, we do
have a few customers that have written audit policies to analyze router,
firewall and switch configurations that have been stored on a UNIX server.

Ron Gula
Tenable Network Security
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