[logs] Is "last message repeated n times" anything good? Mar 18 2008 10:11AM
Rainer Gerhards (rgerhards hq adiscon com)
Hi all,

I am the author of rsyslog (http://www.rsyslog.com), a GPLed enhanced
syslogd. I am currently developing the v3 version and would appreciate
feedback on the "last message repeated n times" feature.

In order to be backwards-compatible with sysklogd, rsyslog supports the
"last message repeated n times" message compression feature. However,
this feature is prone to causing user trouble. Some even think that it
is a design flaw (there has been some previous discussion on this list,
this posting is probably a good entry point into a lengthy thread:

l ).

>From the rsyslog core engine point of view, "last message repeated n
times" is quite costly in terms of code complexity and even performance.
There is a -e command line switch to turn it off, which most users seem
to use (and those that don't use it often seem to run into troubles).

I am very tempted to DROP this feature from future builds. That would
result in a great code complexity reduction (really, it takes a lot of
effort...) and probably also rid rsyslog of a standard trouble spot.
However, it also means that its compression features is no longer
available. As far as I know (which is not very far ;)) syslog-ng does
not support that feature at all.

Before I drop the feature, I'd like to receive as broad feedback as
possible from potential users.
Does anybody actually need this feature? If so, why is it good?

Please provide feedback.


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