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graceandglory13 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net [email concealed] Wrote:
"This is my first posting. I am a PhD student at Nova and I needed some
help finding new research topics to write about in the areas of Computer
Forensics, Network Security, Information Security etc. I am new to this
school and I haven't done much research before. My problem is that to me it
seems that everything has been done before. I am also afraid of choosing a
topic that I will not be able to write code for or build later (in two

So you'll need to decide which "area". There are 2 distinct ones you
mention, Computer Forensics & Network/Information security.

Obviously all the stuff in the books _has_ been covered before, think REAL
LIFE Scenario's. Some Suggestions -

Computer Forensics:
Traditionally this field covered taking an image from a PC/Server hard drive
and analyzing the image for information etc ... Now there are many more
devices which store digital information (phones, printers, fridge/freezers)
and there's also a need to try and take images from dynamic memory as well.
Apparently you can install Gentoo Linux on a PS2 ( or X-box, can't remember
exactly), so games consoles cannot be overlooked by investigators.
If you really want to get your hands dirty, see if you can take an image
from such a device, then code an app to check if it's what would be
expected, or search the image for strings / possible encryption etc. - The
cyberspeak podcast would be a useful source of ideas for this topic
http://cyberspeak.libsyn.com .

Network Security:
Well I think a lot of this has been covered. How about covert channels,
smuggling data out of a network inside legitimate looking packets, ICMP etc.
You could code an app that either does this (sends out ICMP packets with
encrypted data in the echo text field - OK not that covert but you've only
got 2 months) or checks for it. See Invisiblethings.org for more
information on this.

Information Security:
Encryption has been done to death, there's not much more to add, perhaps you
could take a look at the new wireless encryption strategies, and how long
it took to bypass them. Personally I'd like to see some research on how
much it would save a commercial enterprise to mind their own business and
keep no customer data whatsoever. Anyway, good luck.


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