MODERATOR: Returned post for honeypots (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed] Oct 26 2006 01:57AM
Lance Spitzner (lance honeynet org)

I'm concerned some of your of posts to the honeypots maillist may
have been lost in the process. As moderator, when I recieve a
posting I usually approve it. In the rare cases I do not I will
always reply with the reason why. If you post to the honeypots
maillist, and do not see it posted nor receive a response from me,
then that means it somehow got lost in transit. If that happens,
several days after you posted the email you will get a message
similar to the one below. If that does happen, please email me
directly and let me know.



> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: honeypots-help (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed] <honeypots-
> help (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed]>
> Date: 24 Oct 2006 19:30:37 -0000
> Subject: Returned post for honeypots (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed]
> To: thorsten.holz (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]
> Hi! This is the ezmlm program. I'm managing the
> honeypots (at) securityfocus (dot) com [email concealed] mailing list.
> I'm working for my owner, who can be reached
> at honeypots-owner (at) securityfocus (dot) com. [email concealed]
> I'm sorry, the list moderators for the honeypots list
> have failed to act on your post. Thus, I'm returning it to you.
> If you feel that this is in error, please repost the message
> or contact a list moderator directly.
> --- Enclosed, please find the message you sent.

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