HoneyMole 2.0 RC5 Jul 13 2007 09:07PM
Pedro Inacio (pedro inacio honeynet org pt)

version RC5 is now available for testing.

You can download it at the following URL:

This RC version presents some bug fixes and a very useful new

- You can now add/delete/change client configuration files without
stopping the other existing tunnels.
To add a new client, just create a new configuration file with
all the wanted parameters and then send a -HUP signal to the parent
To delete a client, just delete the configuration file and then
send a -HUP signal to the parent process;
To change some parameters in a configuration file, just edit the
file, change what you want and then send a -HUP signal to the parent

I'm planning this version to be the latest RC before the 2.0 final
release. Just some small fixes and code cleanup should be done.

Your feedback is crucial, so I want to remind that you can subscribe
HoneyMole mailing list at:


Please test this version as much as you can.

Best regards,

Pedro Inacio

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