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On 24/12/2007, karlzen <henrik.karlzen (at) bostream (dot) nu [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I'm new here and I hope my question is not posed in the wrong forum. :)
> After New Year I will do my bachelor project which will consist of
> adding/improving on an existing honeypot application. Now, I'm new to this
> area but have for example taken a course on network security. Anyway, I'm
> going to buy a book on the subject and am wondering which one is best
> suited. I've checked out http://www.honeypots.net/honeypots/books and
> apparently all the books get great reviews on amazon. Since I will be coding
> some stuff myself I'd like the book to explain such things in more detail
> and not just existing tools (but of course I don't want to "cheat"). Is the
> latest "Virtual honeypots" the best bet?

I think it's a great book, but I haven't read other honeypot books so
I can't compare directly. It covers a lot of ground, including every
honeypot technology I'd heard of and quite a few that I hadn't before
I read it.

I think a lot of people find the title slightly misleading - in fact
it has a lot of detail about honeypots in general and is not
restricted to virtualised implementations.

Happy Christmas,
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