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The new book "Virtual Honeypots" is a great read. I am not sure it will
provide you the depth you are looking for.

What is the thesis of your project? You may need to find books that
detail technologies specific to your project, i.e. "TCP/IP vol I or II"
from Stevens, a detailed reference on SNORT, or a more service (like
APACHE) focused book.


Ron Dodge
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On 24/12/2007, karlzen <henrik.karlzen (at) bostream (dot) nu [email concealed]> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I'm new here and I hope my question is not posed in the wrong forum.
> :)
> After New Year I will do my bachelor project which will consist of
> adding/improving on an existing honeypot application. Now, I'm new to
> this area but have for example taken a course on network security.
> Anyway, I'm going to buy a book on the subject and am wondering which
> one is best suited. I've checked out
> http://www.honeypots.net/honeypots/books and apparently all the books
> get great reviews on amazon. Since I will be coding some stuff myself
> I'd like the book to explain such things in more detail and not just
> existing tools (but of course I don't want to "cheat"). Is the latest
"Virtual honeypots" the best bet?

I think it's a great book, but I haven't read other honeypot books so I
can't compare directly. It covers a lot of ground, including every
honeypot technology I'd heard of and quite a few that I hadn't before I
read it.

I think a lot of people find the title slightly misleading - in fact it
has a lot of detail about honeypots in general and is not restricted to
virtualised implementations.

Happy Christmas,
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