Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4 Jun 17 2008 10:03AM
forensicist gmail com
I have scanned Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.3 & Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4 but both are infected and AV detected it as a Malware. Also, when I restarted my PC1 after installation of Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.3 and restarted my PC2 after installation of Sebek-WIN32 v3.0.4, BLUE screen error occur.

I am using Win 2003 server Enterprise Edition with Sp2 and HoneyNet CD-ROM roo-1.4.hw-20080423134017.

Please help me regarding this problem.

Your urgent and helpful response will be highly appreciated.

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