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Ian Bradshaw (ian ianbradshaw net)
I would have thought that botnets are a much greater problem than an open
relay, which is just a couple of pcs / servers and can easily be knocked
offline by an ISP etc.

Also, be careful where you run your relay ... whatever ISP your using will
be none too happy at being blacklisted; especially since they are trying to
provide a commercial service rather than be someone's toy. It's worth noting
that sending SPAM is probably not legal in your country legal and definitely
not moral, and your proposing to send a load.

I would have thought there is enough SPAM data in the public domain ...
http://www.projecthoneypot.org/ /
http://www.projecthoneypot.org/statistics.php ... provide a lot for example,
and if you drop them a nice mail and explain what you're doing etc, you may
find a handy contact and them willing to give you more information. Much
better than creating yet another SPAM source and feeling the wrath of your
ISP / College / Uni / Other sys admins imho.


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I'm doing mail honeypot project for my thesis. Having a little bit problem
in writing good report. I hope u all can comment it so I can edit before
submit it. For the start, I attach my abstract.

Electronic mail or in short can be called email is an important
communication method since internet were propagated in the early 1980s.
People have change their way of communication since the used of email
arising. However the efficacy of email is being endangered by spam problems
when the Internet was opened up to the public. As defined by Spamhaus
Project, spam applied to Unsolicited Bulk Email. Unsolicited means that the
recipient has not approved for the message to be sent. Bulk means that the
message is sent in large quantities and indistinguishable content. Mail
servers that run Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) service which are open
relay are exposed to be abused by spam. An open relay mail server will
relay any messages through it. This project will help to determine the spam
source of origin and their contents. Methodology used in this project is
experimental approach. This project will be run on Qmail mail server which
is an open relay and tcpdump for data capturing. The open relay mail server
will be act as mail honeypot to attract spammers. Hopefully this project
can benefit others by contributing spam source of origin to be inserted in
spam block list.
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