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chroot and access to directory OTHER than user's home directory..... Feb 09 2010 11:05PM
Jon Price (jonelwoodprice gmail com)

I need to allow multiple users (users connecting from different
machines) access to a box so they can all drop (via sftp) files in a
common drop area, say /Whatever/Drop.
If I use OpenSSH with chroot and a single account "dropaccount", then
all users can access that account via sftp given the appropriate setup
(sshd_config, public keys and such).
The /Whatever/Drop directory is owned by a different account name.
That can't change.

How can I allow these users to access the /Whatever/Drop directory?

Thought maybe a symbolic link from the dropaccount's home directory
over to /Whatever/Drop might work, but it doesn't (and maybe for good
reason). But how can this be done?

Also, I think the issue is the same even if there is just one user
accessing the box this way, ie. the multiple users might just confuse
things here. So could consider just a single user with these


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