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ssh and x11 - repost Feb 25 2010 12:19AM
aurfalien gmail com (1 replies)
Hi all,

I'm using openssh 4.3 on Centos 5.3.

My problem is this;

I can ssh to localhost and then run an X app like so;

ssh localhost

However if I do this in the same line;

ssh localhost img_disp

Nothing happens. Running ps shows the app but nothing on my display.

ssh -X has no effect.

I can run other X11 apps like so;

ssh localhost maya

or ssh localhost shake

However img_disp seems to do something else with the display.

Is there a particular sshd.conf setting I need to have for this to work?

Thanks in advance,

- aurf

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Re: ssh and x11 - repost - FIX'd Feb 25 2010 10:10PM
aurfalien gmail com


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