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RE: Sha-256 support in openssh 5.0_p1 ??? Mar 17 2010 08:57PM
Hasan Rezaul-CHR010 (CHR010 motorola com)
Hi All,

I have OPENSSH 5.0_P1 on my system. (I also have openssl 0.9.8g if
that info is useful).

I need to make sure that the SHA-2 algorithms (specifically SHA-256) is
supported for SSH and SFTP on my system.

*** Would someone be able to tell me if openssh version 5.0_P1
supports SHA-256 or not ?

If not, which version of openssh does support sha-2 algorithms, e.g.
sha-256 ?? Is there any other libraries or packages that I need to
install to make sure sha-256 works for SSH and SFTP ?

Just FYI: I did try modifying the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file, and added
a line:
MACs sha-2

when trying to restart sshd services (service sshd restart), I got an
error !

Also tried
MACs sha-256

again, got similar errors. So I am guessing SHA-2 algorithms are not
supported in this version ? Please shed some light... Thanks in

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