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Multi Hopping by sshserver proxy with different keys Sep 23 2010 03:08PM
Nicolas Ferragu (nicolas ferragu laposte fr)
Hi all,

This is my problem :
I want to do Multi Hopping through a proxy/jumper ssh-server with
ssh-agents but with different keys from caller to proxy and from proxy
to target.

The problem could be also set romanced like this : is there a way to get
different identity while I travel from Est to West ? - nothing to do
with any politic thoughts ;^)

In another words in another world :
The client :
is a putty/window station with pagent running well with the bastion
(ssh server proxy/jump ).
Let's says that Client uses USER key.
The bastion :
is a linux box with a ssh-agent running well with the target.
It accept in .ssh/authorized_keys the USER key.
Let's says that Bastion uses ROLE key.
The target :
is unix box (linux for the test) accept in .ssh/authorized_keys only
The question :
is there a way to automate the connexion from client to target with
key-exchange-agents respectively ?
That is saying that I don't want any password prompt or passphrase. Any.

FYI, I succeeded in making a connection trick but there's a big lack of
screen functions (raw connection mode).
Putty conf :
connection type : raw
local proxy command : plink.exe -t %user@%proxyhost -agent "ssh
-p %port -l role %host"\n

The main problem reside in a full openssh environment of course.

Thanks in advance for sharing your interest,

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