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Administrivia: Out for a wedding Oct 31 2002 12:16AM
Hal Flynn (flynn securityfocus com)
Hi Folks,

I'm leaving the office for a service buddy's wedding in Hawaii, and will
be out for a couple weeks.

While I'm out, I'll be moderating the list, although not daily. I wanted
to give you all a heads up, as traffic will be sporadic. I'll make my
best effort to ensure the lists are moderated at least every other day.

While I have your ear, I wanted to bring up a couple things:

First, please ensure your out of office replies are configured to not
return mail each time a post is approved.

Also, when posting to the list, please trim replies. Not doing so wastes
bandwidth, and is rude. It also makes the digest of the list literally
impossible to read.


Hal Flynn
Symantec Corp.

"....You guys are the Marine's doctors; There's no better in the business
than a Navy Corpsman...."
-- Lieutenant General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, U.S.M.C.

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