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Bausch & Lomb Phishing attack? May 17 2006 08:40PM
Jigme Thubten (jigme thubten gmail com) (1 replies)
I'm thinking there maybe a new B&L phish based on the problems with
the solution causing an sickness in the eyes. Here is the email I got
complete with the IP address hyperlinked to a page. They do not ask
for financial info so it doesn't seem that malicious, but I don't like
the way the email looks w/o DNS ID. sent a message of inquiry to the
owner of the address to investigate. I was wondering if any of you
have seen this?

hey friends,
this is totally random but i just got an offer from
bausch & lomb for free contact solution. (A while
back they had some problems with one of their solution
causing an eye bacteria--this offer is for a different
solution--but i guess use at your own risk). anyway,
contact solution is one of those things i hate to buy
so i just wanted to pass along the link since you
probably hate buying over priced solution too.


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Re: Bausch & Lomb Phishing attack? May 17 2006 10:43PM
Carl Jongsma (info skiifwrald com)


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