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Re: Re: FW: You've got a Yahoo! Greeting Aug 02 2006 10:08PM
samh ozemail com au (1 replies)
Re: FW: You've got a Yahoo! Greeting Aug 03 2006 12:06AM
Lance James (phishing securescience net)
samh (at) (dot) au [email concealed] wrote:
> Hi,
> I rcvd one of these on 28/7/06 and I can see the 'click on this return address' is actually going to a site called I googled 'fatehfalcons and some of the responses included summaries along the lines of ".. al-fatah falcons martyr division. Attacks by martrs can be posted here at the same time they are being carried in anticipation ..." I'll trash the msg if no-one is interested in any further info about it. Thks SH

please send.

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