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Phishing Evolution Report Released Jan 31 2007 11:37AM
Carl Jongsma (info skiifwrald com)
Hello List(s),

For those interested in the original FD/SF phishing email about a new
phishing technique being employed on a professional networking site
(late last week), the investigation and subsequent report have been
published. Readers of 'The Register' will note a write up already in
place with some feedback from the site involved. Although the claim
of 10 or so reports per month of similar scams being made are
probable, I doubt that many (if any) have taken as much detailed
involvement from the scammer before the phish is set.

You can find the report at the following address:

Or, for the direct link:

A higher detailed version is available upon request, which includes
sufficient detail in the account screenshots for the profile text to
be legible.

An Executive Summary for those who don't want to read the report:

- Yes, it was a scam. The scammer started out with a stolen
identity, maintaining it all the way through the scam (even when
- Ultimately it was a 419-style phish / scam that was traced back
to Nigeria
- The first recorded use of the particular stolen identity was
November 06, with a very similar scam (though a more traditional mass
spam email).
- The scammer invested at least 2-3 days of communication and trust-
building before beginning to seed the phish / scam
- The initial round of the phish bait was mild enough to almost be
- The Networking site was VERY prompt in addressing the situation
once notified (less than 5 minutes to remove the account when it
reappeared and they were notified again). Props to Ecademy in this
- Sometimes you just need to be paranoid.

Any questions or queries, just ask them.


Sûnnet Beskerming Pty. Ltd.
Adelaide, Australia

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