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Re: Phishing Contact for Yahoo Jul 14 2007 07:55PM
Ryan Greenier (rgreenier gmail com)
Thanks for your help everyone. The site was taken down by yahoo
yesterday evening.

- Ryan

On 7/13/07, Ryan Greenier <rgreenier (at) gmail (dot) com [email concealed]> wrote:
> Anyone have any good contacts for Yahoo to get a phishing site taken down?
> Apparently someone stole a credit card, registered a domain name & bought
> some space on a Yahoo web server in appearance of one of my company's
> clients. Nothing out of the ordinary, but what is out of the ordinary for me
> is that Yahoo is being less than helpful. Phone calls and email have done
> nothing so far. Anyone with any inside information on how I could get this
> taken down would be greatly appreciated.
> - Ryan

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