Real Cases No loss of data from VA, USDA breaches Jul 21 2006 03:05PM
Daniel Jimenez (dgj1menez hotmail com)
07/17/06 -- 04:57 PM
No loss of data from VA, USDA breaches
By Mary Mosquera, GCN Staff

The Veterans Affairs and Agriculture departments have determined that
sensitive personal data was not accessed in recent incidents of data threats
at both agencies.

The FBI informed VA that it has completed its forensic examination of the
laptop and hard drive that were stolen from the home of a VA data analyst in
May. VA secretary Jim Nicholson announced June 29 that law enforcement had
recovered the items. Based on the results of the forensic tests and other
information gathered during the investigation, the FBI indicated that the
sensitive files were not accessed or compromised, VA said.

Daniel Jimenez

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